• When pronouncing the title Unimatrix 384, the 384 is supposed to be pronounced THREE-EIGHT-FOUR (the same way the characters pronounce it in the film).
  • This film was shot in 3 1/2 hours including breaks (3 hours if you don’t include the breaks).
  • According to the shot list, there were approximately 44 shots planned (and filmed).
  • Jake Thompson has described the voice of “Martin Freeman” as a cross of British and Australian accents, intending to create an ambiguity in the character’s voice.
  • Although it is hardly noticeable, Andrue Sullivan (who played “Logan Freeman”) is wearing a skull ring.  Jake Thompson was not sure as to which character should be wearing the skull ring, and on the day of the shoot, he left the decision up to Andrue and Jennifer Scheer (who played “Jessica Clarke”).  Jennifer said that Andrue could wear it if he wanted to, and he accepted.
  • Incorrectly regarded as a goof: In a couple of shots towards the end, the top portion of the windscreen on the microphone is poking in at the bottom of the left side of the frame.  This was done intentionally because the small portion of the windscreen that is visible on screen kind of looks like a futuristic device of some kind, according to director Jake Thompson.  He feels that no explanation of the device (not to be confused with the “device” that plays the disc) is necessary since the film is set in the future and it shouldn’t be a surprise to see a weird device pop up now and again that has no relevance to the story.  This is certainly plausible enough that it should not be seen as a goof (had it been an actual goof, the widescreen framing would have been altered so that it wouldn’t be in the frame at all).

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